Waste and Recycling Collections over the Holidays

Dear Residents

ESBC have advised of the following:

ESBC Waste and Recycling Christmas Collection Arrangements


East Staffordshire Borough Council has confirmed there are no changes to the refuse and recycling collection service over the Christmas and New Year period this year.


As there no changes, waste crews will not collect additional waste with the grey bins. Flattened cardboard presented at the slide of the blue bin and acceptable recycling in an open, clear or white bag, will be collected. Recycling material presented in black bags will not be collected.


Brown bin garden waste collections will continue through the Christmas and New Year period.


Excess waste or recycling can be taken to one of the household waste and recycling sites located throughout the Borough.  Please visit www.staffordshire.gov.uk to find your local household waste site details.


If you need clarification on when your recycling and waste is to be collected please download a copy of your collection calendar from www.eaststaffsbc.gov.uk/bins-rubbish-recycling/collection-dates.


After the Christmas period residents in East Staffordshire can recycle Christmas cards (without glitter or ribbons) in their blue wheeled bins.


Residents can also recycle their real Christmas trees through the brown bin scheme.  Place your real Christmas tree inside your brown bin ensuring that the lid is fully closed or place it at the side of the bin and it will be collected on your collection day.


Residents are asked to use their grey bin to dispose of wrapping paper.  The materials used to make wrapping paper mean it may not be being accepted for recycling.  This is due to wrapping paper containing dye, being laminated, containing glitter or having sticky tape attached to it which cannot be recycled.