Police and Crime Plan and Fire and Rescue Plan – details of 3yr plan

Dear Residents

We have been provided with the following information:

Staffordshire Commissioner, Ben Adams has launched his new policing and fire plans, which provide the strategic direction for how both services should be delivered over the next three years.

The Police & Crime Plan, and Fire & Rescue Plan, have been developed following widespread consultation with members of the public, partners and stakeholders.

The Police & Crime Plan consultation focused on five key priority areas:

– A local and responsive service – 93% of respondents rated this as ‘very important’

– Prevent harm and protect people – 92% rated this as ‘very important’

– Support victims and witnesses – 75% rated this as ‘very important’

– Reduce offending and reoffending – 81% rated this as ‘very important’

– A more effective criminal justice system – 86% rated this as ‘very important

The Fire & Rescue Plan consultation focused on four key priority areas:

– A flexible and responsive service – 84% of respondents rated this as ‘very important’

– Protect people and places – 90% rated this as ‘very important’

– Help people most at risk stay safe – 84% rated this as ‘very important’

– A fire and rescue service for tomorrow – 64% rated this as ‘very important’

Find out more about the plans for the next 3 years: https://staffordshire-pfcc.gov.uk/